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MediaRing® IP Phone

Superior voice quality, unparalleled interface design and ergonomics – MediaRing® IP phone harnesses the combined power of users’ internetwork and MediaRing® 's global interconnected voice system to deliver reliable first-class telephony with excellent voice quality, whilst offering all the benefits of IP communications.

The IP phone is a fully featured IP-based telephone that is well suited for both office and home usage. It is easily interfaced with either ADSL/ Cable modem or dial-up access. Offering advanced functionality with the simplicity of an ordinary phone, MediaRing® IP phone makes it easier and efficient for users. An integrated analog phone features IP call or PSTN call selection. Besides, the telephone features well-spaced keys, built-in LCD display screen, hands-free speaking mode and other standard functions designed for optimal performance.

Key Features and Benefits

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Plugs directly to any broadband connection or telephone line for dial up service

  • Minimal configuration required to set up the IP phone

Enhanced Voice Quality

  • Clear and enhanced call quality over long distances and between countries achieved through advanced patent-pending technology

Works Behind Firewall

  • Able to deploy IP phone behind a secured firewall

  • NAT feature available to allow the IP phone to function as a DHCP router or a hub when in disabled mode

  • Supports both DHCP and static IP configurations

Technological Superiority

  • IP Phone includes an internal MAC ID for authentication purposes, forward error recovery routines to our IP phone to better tolerate packet losses, plus a hybrid of PSTN and IP systems

  • Selection between IP call and regular analog line call

Usage Monitoring

  • Function available to view dialed calls and usage

Multi Features

  • LCD display complete with a high quality speakerphone

  • Feature buttons for mute, display, call logs, phone book, redial and menu function

Reduced Long Distance Phone Charges

  • Routing calls over the Internet or any IP network helps to reduce or eliminate long distance inter-office phone charges

Competitive Advantages

  • Powered by advanced audio technologies, MediaRing® IP phone provides consistent, clear and natural voice quality at economical rates

  • Authentication capability achieved through MAC ID of the IP phone for better security and identification purposes

  • Integration of forward error recovery routines to the IP phone to better tolerate packet losses by recreating lost packet on the fly, thereby allowing quality improvement through lowering choppiness and latency reduction

  • IP phone is easily interfaced with either broadband or dial-up, plus a hybrid of PSTN and IP systems

  • IP phone doubles as a router when it is running on broadband

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediaRing® IP Phone?

MediaRing® IP phone is an IP-based telephony service that allows both businesses and residential consumers to make enhanced quality calls to a PSTN (public switched telephone network) phone globally at economical rates.

Can I make calls to any international phone numbers with the IP Phone?

You can make calls to mobile and fixed lines in over 200 countries with our IP Phone service.

Does the IP Phone work from every country in the world?

Yes, you can use MediaRing® IP Phone service from anywhere in the world, if there is an Internet connection available from the location you are making calls from.

Does your IP phone support dial-up Internet access?

The IP Phone supports both dial-up and broadband Internet connections.

Is there any warranty for the IP phone?

The IP Phone comes with a 12 month warranty.

Can any IP Phone be used with your service?

Due to the need to have the customization in place, in order for the phone to work on our network, only selected phones can be used. To date, we have only enabled the HS Tallinn Model 3100 D21P phones.

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