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MediaRing® PC Phone

MediaRing® PC Phone is a high quality voice service for PC users to make international calls without the elevated cost of traditional IDD providers. With MediaRing® Internet voice processing technologies, MediaRing® PC Phone ensures high call clarity that beats most other voice over Internet transmission services.

Key Features and Benefits

Besides offering high quality voice communication, MediaRing® PC Phone offers customers the following useful features and benefits:

  • Address book that allows users to maintain a list of frequent call numbers

  • FAQ that offers online help advice to answer most of their usage questions

  • Diagnostic that helps users to troubleshoot their system

  • View log for the dollar balance in the user account

  • Recharge function that allows users to top up their account through credit cards and other easy payment mode.

  • Settings function that allows users to implement the phone behind their own secured firewall.

MediaRing® operates a prepaid website for our resellers in many countries. We also work with ISPs and telecommunication companies to provide private label solution for them to offer their own-branded PC phone services.

To view our Prepaid Site setup for reseller partners

Besides offering high quality voice communication, MediaRing® PC Phone offers customers the following useful features and benefits:

Competitive Advantages

MediaRing® PC Phone services offer customers the following advantages:

  • The option of both a web-based dialer that can be assessed from our websites as well as a download client dialer that can be downloaded onto your PC and remove the extra step of going to our websites.

  • The download client dialer is simple, easy and fast to download and can be completed in seconds.

  • We provide termination calls to over 200 countries in the world.

  • Our new customer signup process is also one of the simplest and least cumbersome and consists of only 3 steps.

  • We offer an address book that allows customers to store their frequent call numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for MediaRing® PC Phone?

Users will need an Intel Pentium and Microsoft Window based PC with Internet access, full duplex sound card, as well as a good speaker and microphone or headset with microphone. Minimum data transmission of 28.8kps is required.

How can I find out the calling rates before I sign up?

Check the rate viewer on the MediaRing® home page. These rates are for the countries you call to and not the country you call from.

Can I call a mobile/cellular phone?

Yes, you can use MediaRing® to call cellular phones. Please refer to the rates for the respective countries where the recipient cellular network is located.

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